‘Get Out And Vote For Roy Moore,’ Trump Says

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President Donald Trump on Friday flew aboard Air Force One 800 miles to the doorstep of the hotly contested Alabama Senate race, but addressed it directly for just over three minutes.

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homeownership rates among African-Americans is at its highest level ever

This statement was accurately reported from the transcript of the speech. However the claim is reputed by the US Census which finds that the black homeownership rate peaked during 2004, when 49.7 percent of black households owned homes (the rate for all races that year reached 69.2 percent, also a modern record). The black homeownership rate stayed in similar territory until the recession, when it dropped to the mid-40s. This year: 42.7 percent in the first quarter, 42.3 percent in the second and 42 percent in the third. That’s an uptick from last year but far from a record. (Quarterly rates this year for the total U.S. population: 63.6 percent, 63.7 percent and 63.9 percent.)

Good catch! I think you can make this annotation even stronger if you cite the source of the figures you mentioned. Just click "edit annotation" and add a couple of links. – Vinay
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